Durango Summit

Heading for the top

Recycling Our Way To A Better Planet

A huge amount of waste is created by humans, and a staggering amount of that ends up in the ground as landfill. Landfill sites are eyesores, can create unpleasant odours that drift across surrounding areas and can even leak toxic material into the ground – potentially polluting nearby waterways. Here are some of the most…

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Powerful Ways To Clean Up The Outdoors

Keeping the environment clean and repairing the damage caused by humans is something we’re passionate about. Our species has caused huge changes right across the globe, and even the few parts of the world that remain uninhabited by people have not escaped change as a result of the way that we live. There’s no better…

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Clearing Up A Country

You might have seen the latest drive for clearing up the UK, which is aimed to be on a par with the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign of the 1980’s that anyone old enough will remember well. In fact, Keep Britain Tidy has just turned sixty, after it’s inception in 1954. Most of us remember the…

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